We need to encourage rather than frighten !

FECER, represented by its President Anne LASZLO, took part in the Sustainable Leaders Summit, organised for the third time by CEC European Managers at the end of November in Brussels. This meeting of executives and managers from all over Europe, as well as students, was devoted to the role of European leaders in responding to the immense challenge of our time, the climate and nature crisis. With its project on sustainable leadership and thanks to the financial support of the European Commission, CEC European Managers is helping to integrate sustainable skills, behaviours and values into European management.

After the keynote speech by Prof. Katherine RICHARDSON, from the University of Copenhagen, the debates focused on how managers and executives from companies, public services and universities could get involved with their competencies in the debate.

Sustainable Leadership Project

Anne LASZLO took the floor to remind that serious problems, such as the hole in the ozone layer and acid rain, which made headlines a few decades ago, are now being resolved. « Scaremongering is not always a good option. We need to give people hope and courage to tackle the problems head on, rather than paralysing them, » she said.  See also https://sustainableleaders.eu/summit/

The Sustainable Leaders Summit was followed by CEC’s Annual General Assembly, chaired by its President Maxime LEGRAND. The representative of the FECER took the floor to stress the problem of the mismatch between skills and the needs of the industry rather than the lack of manpower that many companies deplore and fear for the future.

We will have the opportunity to come back to these issues.