Celebrations of Ignalina NPP federation’s 25th anniversary

On the event of the celebration of Ignalina NPP federation’s 25th anniversary, Thomas Schneider, President of FECER european energy sectoral federation of managers, has sent a warm letter of congratulations and support to the President Dranik, the delegates and members of the Independent Trade Union of SE Ignalina NPP.

In this letter he recalls the conditions in which Ignalia NPP federation was created and its commitments with the managers and with the employees of the power plant.

TTIP Position Paper

What is TTIP ?

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a commercial partnership agreement, currently (since 2013) being negotiated between the European Union and the United States.

It aims to remove trade barriers existing today in many sectors of activity, in order to facilitate trade in goods and services between the United States and the EU and thus generate additional trade flows in both directions.

Beyond tariffs, it seeks to bring down all other barriers for exporters from norms, standards and procedures for approvals.

TTIP negotiations also aim to open markets in services, investments and public procurement.

This agreement, in view of the volume of trade between the United States and the European Union, will likely redefine the framework of global trade.

FECER 12 proposals on European Commission Clean Energy Package

General vision on Energy Union

For us, to succeed in the refounding of the European project, we must rethink the current «Europe’s software», and keep-up favoring the balance of economic and social performance factors and long-term investments.
This applies in particular in the field of energy, which is at the heart of the daily lives of citizens and the European economy.
Reducing the carbon intensity of the economy ought to be the heart of the Clean Energy Package.
As energy policy must be helpful to European industry and driven by high quality job creation, the «energy only and short-term market» can’t be an objective in itself !

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