Ecomagination Challenge Hackathon in Berlin, June 12-13 2017

Driving decarbonization is a tremendous challenge. But in this GE Ecomagination hackathon, you’ll use powerful tools and develop new solutions using the GE Predix platform, Cloud Foundry, and the Industrial Internet of Things. Help solve some of the toughest problems in energy management and manufacturing :

Hack1 :

Grid Optimization for Decarbonization
Build digital tools to modernize the European electrical grid, reduce carbon emissions, and drive economic value.

Hack2 :

Advanced Manufacturing for Aerospace
Create agile, optimized manufacturing solutions that reduce the weight of aircraft components for more energy-efficient operation and decarbonized flight with data provided by aerospace manufacturer Stelia Aerospace.

Stretch your skills and creative thinking. Bridge real and virtual worlds. Discover the amazing capabilities of the GE Predix platform. And compete for €50,000 in prizes.

For more information, view our common press release HERE

When registering, select “Hackathon” as the registration type. Register as a team of up to five people (“I have a team”) or as an individual—and we’ll place you on a team.



FECER Steering Committee (September 25th, in Madrid) – Programme :

– Opening
– Welcoming new members
– European project “Reinventing industrial relations with and for the youth – Applied research in the energy transition”
– FECER debate event in Brussels – European Energy Union/ Energy transition
– COP 21: Climate negotiations in Paris, December 2015
– Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership, TTIP: blessing or threat?
– Review of statutes
– Financial situation
– Miscellaneous


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FECER Steering Committee (November 21st, in France – Paris)

CEC Conference (May 24-25th, in Germany – Berlin)

CEC General Assembly (May 23rd, in Germany – Berlin)

FECER Steering Committee (March 08th, in Norway – Bergen)


CEC Steering Committee (November 28th, in Belgium – Brussels)

FECER Steering Committee (October 27th, in Belgium – Brussels)


FECER Steering Committee (October 13th, in France – Paris)

FECER General Assembly (06/17th, in Italy – Verona)


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